Sunday, December 21, 2014

Feeling Grateful

I just want to say how grateful I am for the wonderful sending-off that I received in church today.  I felt so blessed and grateful.  The scarf that Pastor Kevin gave me is beautiful and I will wear it with pride, being constantly reminded of the love and support that my church family is sending with it.  I am so thankful for the support and prayers that I have received from my church.  I was overwhelmed by the financial donations, yes, but also the number of people who promised to pray for me and the whole group.  

Through me, a little part of all of them will be journeying to India with Mission of Peace, and this is not a responsibility that I take lightly.  I understand the significance and importance of being an "ambassador of peace" and I will do my best to take it all in while I'm in India so I can share it with my church family when I return.  I am so excited and thrilled and nervous for India, but I'm also unspeakably happy that I will have the opportunity to share this amazing experience that I'm sure I'll have with all of you when I come home in January.  

Thank you for your prayers and support, and please continue praying for me as I prepare to leave, for the whole group as we are in India, and all of us when we make the journey back to the United States.  I will try to update this blog as much as I can while I am in India, but I do not know how often I will have internet access, so no promises.  If I can, I will share pictures as well.  I fly out at around 11:00 am this coming Sunday (one week from today!), as long as the weather cooperates!  I'm including a map that shows my flight schedule.  Thank you again.

Click here to view a map that shows my flight schedule

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