Thursday, January 8, 2015

Day 3: Bangalore

Day 3: Bangalore
Hello!!! So on January 1st we went to the state of Karnataka's state house and got to meet with Mr. Abhayachandra Jain, Chief Minister of youth and fisheries. Two odd and mix-matched things to be in control of, but I guess it works for him. With him, we went to the "State Youth Centre" where we were introduced on a stage and then got to meet with maybe 100 young people aged 13-25. They were all there for a training course on journalism, and the girls I was talking to were asking really good questions! But I felt like a celebrity: everyone asking for a photo with me and asking for a signature and email and Facebook. 

After 45 minutes or so of that we moved into a press conference room (microphones and everything!) and were given tea and roses. We talked to Mr. Jain for a few minutes, but then we left to get a tour of the state house. And OH MY GOSH IT IS SO PRETTY. The outside is an interesting blend of colonial and traditional architecture... Like the rest of India I guess. And the inside is amazing, all colorful with painted ceilings, columns, and walls in blue, pink, green, yellow. There was something new to look at in every corner. The chamber of the state building is really unique, but I loved the pink decorations on the white background. 

But we only had so much time there, so we headed back to lunch at UTC. After that we all (bishops included) talked in small groups. It felt a little forced but I guess it was good to get to know the bishops, church officials, and their spouses who are with us. So not much else happened that day, I guess! I'll include lots of photos in this one. Bye! 

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